Monetization without advertising

The essential options we focus on with Odat are the following:

  • Micro tasks for free access
    At Odat we use micro tasks to support free use of the Odat portal. Currently This means that users are periodically prompted to solve micro tasks such as selecting what images out of a small set contain a certain object. This is essentially the same as the “I’m not a robot feature” you have probably seen on many other sites. The difference is that with our system is that we allow publishers on Odat to profit from this. Verified creators on Odat can opt in to have micro tasks periodically appear before their content. Once the task which only takes a few seconds is done, the user is allowed to view the content. Your earnings depend on the number of tasks the channel’s viewers have successfully completed and earnings are paid out at the end of every month.

Early access

You can create previews and limited versions of your content that you share for free, while making the full version available for single paid download if the viewer does not wish to pay for a full premium subscription.

  • Channel subscriptions
  • A good idea, is to offer most older content for free in order to grow your list of followers with the option to subscribe to your premium channel where the newest content is available for a period of time before it becomes available for free.
  • Think of how new movies are at first only available in theaters before they become available on TV or for download. This is essentially the same method.
  • – voluntary support by your followers.
  • It’s important to let your followers know that they should support your channel or feed with voluntary donations if they want you to continue creating and sharing free and advertising free content.
  • – Sponsorship.
  • Getting sponsorship for your content is different than regular targeted advertising. Your followers privacy is still respected and you can decide exactly how and where you want to add the promotion for your sponsors. This also allows you to hand pick who and what you want to promote so you can be assured your content is only used to promote companies and product that you believe in.